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Services we provide

Risk Focussed Product Secure Design/Architecture Reviews

At Appsec360 Consulting, we recognize that security architectures must remain adaptable. We collaborate closely with you to ensure your security architecture and design can evolve to meet both your present and future business objectives. This approach enables you to adopt new technologies and seize emerging business opportunities securely. By conducting a thorough review of your existing architecture, assets, applications, processes, and infrastructure, we develop a prioritized set of recommended activities and security programs. These recommendations align precisely with your risk management, compliance requirements, and commercial goals.


Bespoke Application Threat Modeling

At Appsec360 Consulting, our Threat Modeling services are designed to help you proactively identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities in your systems and applications before they can be exploited. Our seasoned experts, equipped with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, deliver tailored solutions that address the specific security challenges faced by your organization.

Manual Application Source Code Reviews

Did you know that most CVEs that lead to data breaches are caused by application code vulnerabilities? Running static code analyses is faster, but it cannot consider the developer’s intentions and general business logic. Our manual source code reviews are more strategic and look at specific issues based on application profiles that we create.

Fractional Head of Product Security 

Appsec360 Consulting offers a "Fractional Head of Product Security" service, which provides top-tier security leadership without the full-time commitment. With our Fractional Head of Product Security service, you gain access to industry-leading expertise to oversee and enhance your product security strategy. We work closely with your team to identify and mitigate risks, establish robust security protocols, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. This approach allows you to maintain a strong security posture while optimizing resources and budget.

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