Why Appsec360?

Appsec360 is the brand of SaaS developer security enablement platform that gives security and engineering teams the ability to improve security as they get better products to market faster.


Few use cases for Appsec360

Appsec360 enables you to run high-performing application security programs. There are a large number of use cases for this platform. In this whitepaper, we cover a few of the most common use cases.


Build a product security program

Starting a product security program isn’t just about running scanners or doing a once-a-year external penetration testing. Long before that happens, it’s about enabling development teams to include security in their development workflow and be there to provide effective guidance when needed but knowing when to let them run the show. It’s all about efficiency.


Application security posture management

Appsec360 is everything you need for continuous application security posture management