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Assisted Secure Design Analyzer

Build compliant & securely designed software using the Assisted Secure Design Analyzer. This module helps the design review process by supporting security and development teams by providing a framework to conduct such analysis and maintain the resulting artifacts.


Significantly reduce the time, effort & cost of security efforts during software design

Achieve a reduction in security design review time by enabling these steps:

  •  Establish a clear and concise set of security requirements: Start by defining a clear set of security requirements that must be met in the design. This will help the team focus on what's important and reduce the number of potential issues to review.

  • Use security frameworks and guidelines: Utilize established security frameworks and guidelines such as NIST, OWASP, or ISO 27001 to ensure your security design meets the expected standards.

  • Conduct security reviews early in the development cycle: Start reviewing security requirements and design as early as possible in the development cycle. This will help you identify potential issues and address them before they become expensive and time-consuming problems.

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