Software Development's Security Lifecycle Management

SaaS platform for managing risk-based security within the DevOps & SDLC workflows.

Integrate people, process & tools for seamless workflow orchestration across software development life cycle.

Appsec360 lets appsec teams work
collaboratively with development groups
and get more done with less friction

Enable development teams to include security in their workflows, from the very start, without impacting the speed of delivery.

Work without friction

Eliminate silos so development and security teams can collaborate on work that matters.

Reduce the cost of quality

Address security blindspots through intelligent automation and governance controls.

Scale securely

Reduce releases needing human security intervention by 90%.

Platform Features

Appsec360 is a horizontal integrator of various point tools in the DevOps tooling system.
It leverages continuous learning to identify secure state altering patterns in an application as it evolves, and enables auto remediation workflows to address issues before release.

Immediate Security Input

Plug into engineering’s project management systems to get automated access into their release pipelines. Timely injection of security input into engineering toolchain enables development teams to better plan for privacy and security commitments.

DevOps Readiness

Integration with CI tools to enforce controls from within the Appsec360 platform. Data driven insights into development team practices around security and privacy obtained based on behavioral traits exhibited by teams as they build and release products over time. 

Single Pane Visibility

Know where you stand. Get a continuous, 360-degree, real-time security posture of all applications in one place. An automated inventory of applications along with realtime risk scores enable identification of at risk apps and teams that require more guidance and support.

Continuous Feedback

Take the lessons learned from past releases into the future ones. Create a path to reduced security workload for engineering teams that demonstrate consistently good security practices.

Developer Focussed

Build comprehensive developer training programs based on recommendations from Appsec360 via integrations with your training systems of choice. Over all risks for an application takes into account the security training status of the development teams building the application.

Vulnerability Management

Built in connectors for 40+ security, notification and project management tools to orchestrate vulnerability management workflows. Get data enrichment and contextual correlation that will dramatically improve the effectiveness of an application vulnerability management program.

Better synergy, better security and
enhanced productivity.

Appsec360 is a force multiplier for application security teams to integrate with all stages of product release workflow in order to address security blind spots using an intelligent mix of tailored automation and governance controls.

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The Challenges

We built Appsec360 to address a security team’s productivity problem by addressing four fundamental challenges.


Security teams lack consistent visibility into the engineering team’s release pipeline. And there are no consistent mechanisms to make the engineering teams aware of non-functional security requirements that apply to the releases they are working on

Resource Optimization

Organizations that manage security workflows using commercial tools like Jira, Trello or any other open source frameworks, require dedicated resources to manage these, often more than one. 


Scaling to keep up with the pace of development teams is probably the most pressing challenge in order to operationalize an effective secure application development lifecycle program.


Product security teams scale horizontally across these teams and as a result needs to devise its own approach to map to the diverse systems, workflows, processes, etc. used by the engineering teams.

Target teams

Appsec360 provides unparalleled visibility into all areas of SDL and optimizes security investments. It addresses the pain points related to the disconnected tools and siloed processes, unifies all application security stakeholders – the development team, application security team, quality assurance team and management team.

Product Security Team

 This platform is aimed to augment the capabilities of the product security team by eliminating siloed systems and processes. Product security teams will find the most value from Appsec360

Development Teams

 Early visibility into security requirements, ability to automate security needs, get continuous security feedback over multiple releases, in-platform gamification of developer training, etc.

Risk & Compliance Team

 In-platform management of audit artifacts, auditor focussed views & a centralized view to overall health of the security program provides extremely valuable insights to risk
& compliance staff

Technology & Compliance
Framework Integrations

Get immediate and faster visibility into release pipeline. Using Appsec360, application security teams can access correlated data from various tools, get deep visibility into to product vulnerabilities, trigger remediation workflows and derive product security profile metrics – all in one unified platform.

40+ vendor agnostic technology integrations & growing. Appsec360 supports API integrations with widely used application security scanning tools (both commercial and open source), leading DevOps toolchains, Project Management and Instant Messaging systems.

Contextual access to standards mapped controls for security & privacy. Automated and instantaneous visibility of applicable security & privacy controls at point of inception of a product’s release cycle. Orchestrate workflows using existing tooling systems to get traceability from security requirements to implementation. Avoid blindspots.

Example of supported tool integrations

A new approach to app security

For years, app engineering and development teams have seen security as the most problematic bottleneck in their delivery pipeline. AppSec360 is not another tool you have to “manage” — instead, it helps eliminate the 25% of your security engineers’ time that is wasted jumping from silo to silo.

It also automates the rest of the “necessary evil,” repetitive tasks they have to complete for each product — so that you have a security team that intervenes early when needed and stays out of the way during MOST routine releases.