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Appsec Services Delivery Platform

A force multiplier for Application Security Service Providers that boosts efficiency and reduces the cost of end-to-end appsec service delivery.

Deliver Custom Appsec Services

Leverage built-in templates for regular application security services (DevOps security assessment, secure code assessments, architecture assessments, and more). Define new custom services based on the specific niche that you offer.

Standards Based Appsec Assessments

Build and deliver industry standards-based application security assessments. One-click reporting, repeatable engagement models, and the ability to leverage historical data to reduce the Cost of Delivery for Appsec services.

Assessment Deliverable Management

Consulting engagements generate artifacts (scoping, estimation documents, status updates, approvals, reports, and more). Generate and access these artifacts from within the platform with a single click.


Appsec Services Delivery Platform

SaaS platform that helps you deliver your application security services at scale. 

Appsec Posture Management Platform

SaaS platform for in-house application security teams to build and run organisation-wide Appsec program.


Appsec Services Delivery Platform
  • Seamless customer engagement management.

  • Reduced Cost of Delivery~70% reduction in Cost of Delivery of Appsec services.

  • Centrally manages security and privacy assessment artifacts for all releases.

Appsec Posture Management Platform
  • Optimise manual workflows of Requirements and Design phases of product development.

  • Easy onboarding using Github.

  • Risk-based snapshot of code repository built on configurable risk indicators.


Speak with the Appsec360 team to learn how our platform can start your secure SDLC, or get on with setting up an account and getting started.

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"The platform helps us create inventory of all security-sensitive product and services. This enables our Appsec team to provide non-functional feedback to the development teams now early in a product's release cycle."

Cybersecurity Product Managers
leading online gaming company


  • Is Appsec360 free?
    Yes! Appsec360 will always have a free version. Obviously, we will introduce paid plans at some point. But until then, everything is free.
  • What features will the free plan has versus paid ones?
    We are working on making the platform ready. We will publish the feature comparison list soon.
  • When you introduce paid plans, would I be able to access my projects if I don’t pay?
    You will always be able to access your projects. We will never ask you to pay to access projects you already created. It’s a perk for our valued early adopters.
  • Does this platform help us achieve compliance?
    We will help your development org stay compliant for secure software development related requirements by continuously monitoring development processes, systems and tools to improve your security posture.
  • What is a secure development lifecycle?
    Security development lifecycle introduces security and privacy considerations throughout all phases of the software development process, helping developers build highly secure software, address security compliance requirements, and reduce development costs.
  • Isn't security development lifecycle for waterfall model of development?
    Nope! The security development lifecycle applies to all development models. Ask us how.
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