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Centralized Application Security

Support rapid application changes and frequent releases to meet business requirements without losing a grip on application security. All organizations have hundreds of applications that serve various purposes, but a small security team is responsible for assessing and addressing application security. Appsec360 provides a platform to enable this small team to manage application security for all the apps centrally.

Application Security Baselines

Configure what applies to your Application Security program as a baseline so you can focus your efforts on relevant areas. Not all application security vulnerabilities come from coding errors. Substantial application security risks come in the form of software design flaws that can’t be identified through traditional automated means..

Minimal Effort Secure SDLC setup

Simple API-based integrations that allow instantaneous self-served onboarding. With integrated vulnerability scanners such as SAST, DAST, and others assess your organization's security posture instantaneously.

 Track coverage and monitor risk posture

The same vulnerability may not be equally critical in two different applications, so our risk-based approach helps teams prioritize assets, identify areas of highest risk, and mitigate the risk. We highlight only relevant issues, risks, and actionable to each stakeholder to ensure everyone is on the same page while creating distraction.

Automate remediation and be compliance ready

Scale security practices and automate product security compliance for the industry standards - SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and other in-demand security and privacy frameworks. Separate automation rules to make sure only relevant vulnerabilities are brought to the attention of developers, assigned to them, and track their progress all in one place

Manage application security in your software development

  • Inventory of application assets

  • Application security artifact management

  • Optimize security in application design

  • Simplify compliance within secure SDLC 

  • Vulnerability lifecycle management

  • Custom workflows for application security

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Product Security?

Build a world-class product security program in weeks, not months. Creating a continuous security process within an organization can be complex, especially when getting started with limited time and budget. Appsec360 is specifically designed to simplify this complexity.

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